Products & Services

products & services

Home Entertainment Appliances: The Subsidiary offer home entertainment devices to watch movies, play games, and listen to music. These devices include:
• Television (Smart TV and Standard TV)
• Home Theater Systems
• Soundbars and Speakers
• Projectors
• Internet accessories, Wi-Fi Dongles, Router

Kitchen and Cooking Appliances: The Subsidiary offer a wide selection of kitchen and cooking appliances. Some of the appliances include:
• Rice Cookers
• Induction Cookers
• Microwave Ovens
• Range Hoods
• Electric Kettles
• Coffee Makers
• Blenders

Air conditioning Appliances: The Subsidiary offer different types of air conditioning appliances for cool and comfortable living spaces. Some of the products include:
• Humidifiers
• Air Purifiers
• Air Cooling Fans
• Split Wall Mounted Air Conditioners
• Portable Air Conditioners
• Floor Standing Air Conditioners
• Central Air Conditioners

Refrigerators and Freezers: The Subsidiary provide a wide range of refrigerators and freezers
used to store perishable foods. Some of the appliances in this category include:
• Refrigerators
• Freezers
• Ice Maker
• Wine Refrigerators

Home Heaters: The Subsidiary offer home or house heaters that warm the home environment in locations with low temperatures. These products include:
• Electric Heater
• Gas Heater
• Electric Fireplace
• Kerosene Heater

Laundry Appliances: The Subsidiary supply appliances used for cleaning clothes and removing of its creases as follows:
• Washing Machine
• Clothes Dryer
• Garment Steamer
• Electric Iron

Home Cleaning Appliances: The Subsidiary sell house cleaning tools and equipment that eliminates dust, dirt, and germs. This includes the following:
• Vacuum Cleaners
• Ultrasonic Cleaners
• Electric Broom
• Steam Cleaners

Water Treatment Appliances: The Subsidiary offer point-of-use water treatment appliances as follows:
• Water Filter
• Water Dispenser
• Water Softener
• Water Heaters

Other Products: The Subsidiary keep abreast of the latest development within the industry and offer home appliances with the current technology. The Subsidiary aim to provide aftersales services, including supplying appliance spare parts for repair. In sourcing the products, the Subsidiary take into consideration their energy efficiency and impact on the environment.