About Us

about us

Del Tan Aria Company is a duly registered private joint-stock company in Iran. The Parent Company, located in Amir Kabir Bazaar Bozorg, Tehran, Iran, was established on April 16, 2011. The Parent Company is primarily engaged in exporting, importing, purchasing, and selling commercial goods such as home appliances and furniture. The Parent Company’s experts provide technical supervision and support in the assembly, distribution, and after-sales services.

Upon establishing the Parent Company in 2011, the founders started trading home appliances and perishable goods such as nuts and fruits. The Parent Company has a long record and experience in supplying and offering home appliances. The Parent Company started this commitment by providing functional and aesthetic home appliances and furniture sourced from Asia, North America, and Europe. Under Mr. Bakhshayeshi’s leadership, Iran’s imposition of import bans on home appliances forced the Parent Company to expand its market to Dubai and neighbouring countries successfully. Through this, the Parent Company was able to join numerous home appliance and furniture exhibitions internationally, showcasing Iranian-made fixtures and home equipment. In addition, the Parent Company supported local manufacturers by distributing its products to the Parent Company’s existing market. The Parent Company sets itself apart from its competitors by banking on Mr. Bakhshayeshi’s experience sourcing highquality and competitively-priced home appliances from various countries.